Pro Tips from Our App Creator

  • Remember, repeat business, or "retention" as the marketing gurus like to call it, is the number one key to growing a sustainable brand that stands the test of time. This generates more business over the long haul, higher AOV and customer loyalty.

  • Use a great returns app, like ours!

  • Think of returns as a marketing opportunity to build brand loyalty with your customers

  • Make returning product for your customers easy. Consider allowing free returns if it makes sense for your business.

  • Create better sizing charts, videos or imagery to help customers determine the right fit before they purchase

  • Be clear on your returns policy at various points on your site, including checkout

  • Don't haggle with customers over returns, even if they're a little outside of your returns policy window. The few dollars you think you're saving by haggling with them is going to cost you lots more in future business with them

  • Seriously consider donating certain products to charity where it makes sense. You'll save money, build loyalty and create social goodwill in your community of customers
  • Issue refunds quickly and when the carrier scans the package into their system versus waiting for it to arrive at your warehouse

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