What Products Can Be Donated to the Charity Returns Partners?

Our donation partners only accept textile based products e.g. apparel, footwear and accessories made of textiles. 

When you use our app you get to select the charity partner you want your donation eligible returns to go to. Additionally, we identify the types of products they'll take via donation right in the app admin backend.

Please note the following...

Our donation partners, listed at https://fabreturns.com/pages/partners are non-profit organizations. They do not provide individual receipts for any donation made using the Charity Returns app. As an app user you must rely on the delivery confirmation information we provide when an item(s) that qualifies for charity is sent to one of our charity partners and the value of the donated item(s) according to the original order data . While a tax deduction may be possible we are not CPA’s or tax professionals so you must verify with your tax accountant that this proof of handover to the donation partners is suitable enough to take a tax deduction. 

Each donation partner exclusively states they will only accept products they have approved and communicated to Charity Returns. These will be displayed during the setup and under each donation partner in the app admin settings. Sending products to a charity location not approved by the selected donation partner is prohibited under any circumstance. No hazardous materials may be sent to any donation partner location, ever. If you are unsure of what constitutes hazardous materials please visit https://www.osha.gov/SLTC/hazardoustoxicsubstances/

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