How Will I Pay for Return Shipping Labels?

When you create your fabreturns account we'll ask you connect to Shippo, our shipping partner, where you will create your own account and select from a wide set of carrier options like USPS, FedEx or UPS. can use your own FedEx or UPS account number if you've got pre-negotiated rates. You control all of your carrier selection settings! If you don't have a FedEx or UPS account you automatically get a USPS account with Commercial Plus rates. These are some of the best!

Please note: Shippo charges $.05 per label generated.

Shippo will ask you to input billing info during the set up so they can charge you when you use a USPS and some other carrier return shipping labels. If you're using USPS you only pay when the label is scanned versus when it's created. The same applies for FedEx and UPS.

To log in to Shippo and change any settings please Shippo Login

The steps will look like this below.

If you already have a Shippo account and are logged in you will this screen.

If you do not have a Shippo account you will see this screen. Just complete the 2-3 step sign up and you're ready to rock.

After you've set up your Shippo account you should see this screen. If not, then contact us.

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