How Do Exchanges Work?

Exchanges are a key feature of fabReturns.

One of the biggest reasons customer's return products is because they got the wrong size or color.

If a customer opts to exchange a product(s) they'll have the option to select a different variant of the returning product only. For example, if they are returning a t-shirt, only a different size and/or color within that same product can be exchanged for.

Note: It's a best practice to create a single product with variants of it's sizes and colors versus a separate product for each color version of the same product.

Here is the general flow of an exchange.

Customer selects to exchange one or more of the products.

They get to select a different variant for that product. They can opt to keep it, get store credit or a refund if they don't see the item they want in exchange.

Then they get a success message followed by an email (when return labels are auto approved) with their return label.

You, the brand, get an email notification that an exchange in the form of a Draft Order has been created in your Shopify admin.

Simply approve the draft by "Marking as Paid" (since you're exchanging their is no financial payment), make the order live then ship when you're ready. It's like a brand new order is created for the item they want instead. 

Note: Our app tracks the inventory of your store and only displays product with inventory as available for exchange.

Go to your Shopify Admin > Orders > Draft Orders > Mark as Paid then fulfill. Remember, you can ship right away or wait until their returned item(s) are back or in transit with the carrier.

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