Where Can Customers Find My Returns Page?

After you've created your fabreturns account there is a specific URL for your returns page. 

You created this during the account set up process.

To make finding your returns page a seamless process for your customers you'll want to make it visible on your site. We suggest enabling a few ways to achieve this.

  1. Include your returns page url or links in all of your customer facing documentation e.g. order and shipping confirmations, packing lists, FAQ's, support emails, help center, etc.
  2. Create a footer and/or header link from your Shopify admin to appear on your site. When setting up that link in the Shopify Navigation settings 

In Shopify: Online Store > Navigation > Create or Edit Menu

On your store in the footer or anywhere else you desire: Returns Policy link to your returns page where customers can process their return

Your customer facing returns page example

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