International Returns

Currently the Fabretruns app does not support International Returns. 

Quick Question: If I'm a Canadian based brand with a warehouse (owned or 3PL) in the US and ship to customers in the US and select that as my return destination, can I use this app?

Quick Answer: YES!

In order to utilize the app for returns the following criteria must be met.

  1. Ship to location is within the United States
  2. The return destination (based on your Shopify locations) must be within the United States

Please note that all charity donations (should you utilize this optional feature) are sent to partners with US based locations.

If you see this error when viewing the details of a submitted return then you will need to adjust your location to reflect a US based return destination. In the case below, the return has been rejected because one of the two key criteria was not met as stated in the list above.

You will have the option to reject the return and send a note to the customer explaining why. 

Rejecting a return customer messaging as follows.

You can update your location settings in the Settings section of the app admin. Settings > Locations > Return Destination.

If you still have questions feel free to reach out to us via our contact link in the Help Center or by visiting

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