How Do I Read and Navigate the Return Details Page?

The Return Details page is where all the information about your customer's return and your app admin settings come together. 

This guide will help you navigate and understand what each section of the page means.

The details of each return are accessed from the main Return Dashboard view.

Here's a snapshot of the entire Return Details page. You probably got here from there but just in case.  :)

Return Details Top Section

You can mark the return complete if you've processed it. This section also gives you a label status e.g. "Return Label has been Sent"

If your return authorization settings require approval this section will look like this. Mouse over the "?" to get more info. Then you can approve or reject the return. If approved the customer will receive the USPS return shipping label. If rejected the customer will receive an email stating the reason for the rejection.

If you opt to reject the return a message form will pop up allowing you to communicate the reason.

Items from Return Section

This is an overview of the items selected by your customer to return. All of the details will be presented here including reason, Shopify order# and customer info.

In the upper right corner of this section a "charity" icon will display if the product(s) have been tagged for charity donation. If the section is blank then the products will be returning to the US location you've selected in the settings.

Shipping and Shipping Payment Information Sections

Here is where you'll see details regarding the return shipment status and the shipping payment information. 

Quick Note:

  • To update Return Destination settings navigate to Settings > Locations > Return Destination in the app admin. 
  • To update Payment Responsibility and Approval settings navigate to Settings > Return Details

Each section will have a status event noted in the upper right hand corner. 

In this view the return shipment has been delivered back to your return destination and the return shipping cost has been paid for. It also shows that you (the Merchant) have elected to pay for the entire cost of shipping for the return. The "Automatic Approval" section which displays "True" if no approval is required to return products and "False" if approval is required.

In this view no shipment carrier information has been transmitted and the label hasn't been paid for. This is true when a return requires your approval.

Return Value Section

Here is where the value of the product being returned, including any discounts on the original order, are displayed for your reference. This is what you will refund the customer in the Shopify app admin for the corresponding order.

Note the total does not include the original freight charge because you wouldn't want to issue a refund for freight/shipping. 

Return Cost

This is a summary of the costs associated with the return.

  • Return Cost: The cost of the return shipping label to send the product back to your warehouse or to a charity partner

Other Actions

In the upper right hand corner of the return details view, simply click on the "..." and the following options will display.

This will take you to the original Shopify order this return is related to.

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