Notifications Settings

With the fabreturns app you can enable custom email notifications to enhance your customers journey as well as keep your team informed of return statuses.

Letting customers know when their return is in transit and then delivered reduces or completely eliminates unnecessary inquiries to your customer support team.

In the app admin go to Settings > Notifications and you'll see this screen.

We've set up each notification with default text you can modify by clicking on the Edit button next to each one.

Under the "Sent To" section you can see who will get the notification email. You can also enable or disable the notifications to your preference.Once you're in the "edit" portion of an email notification you can adjust the text you want to appear, if different from our defaults.

These tags can be used to add certain info specific to your customers return and original order #. Make sure to use the full tag e.g. {order_number} in the notification content section where you want that information to dynamically appear.

Also, make sure you insert the tag just as we've created it e.g. {customer_full_name}. Don't write anything in those brackets, just insert the full bracket tag in the Notification Content section.

You can also edit the notification subject text. Just remember there are notifications that can be sent to your customer and your team!

For example, this delivery notification text in the edit screen

Looks like this in an email

To test your notifications simply click on the Test this Notification button in the upper right side of the edit screen. An email will be sent to the one you have on file in the fabreturns app admin.

Good luck!

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