Shipping Account Settings

Once you've connected Shippo in the back of the fabreturns app admin you'll see this screen.From here you can login to your Shippo account by clicking "Click Here". You will be prompted to enter the username and password setup when creating your Shippo account during the fabreturns app setup.

You can also login directly to Shippo here:

Once you're inside the Shippo admin you can update your billing info under the Settings > Account screen.

The "Account" section is where you can update your credit card on file for the purpose of purchasing return shipping labels via the fabreturns app.

Note: Unless you are using Shippo for shipping to support your business do not change any other settings. If you'd like to start using Shippo for more than just fabreturns please visit their Help Center at

Change Your Carrier of Choice

You can also change from the default of using USPS as your carrier if you have a FedEx or UPS account. 

Remember: You must have your FedEx or UPS account set up in Shippo in order to use these services. Keep reading below for instructions on that.

Visit the Shippo settings as noted below with "Click Here" circled.

Once in the Shippo settings go to Carriers in the left navigation then in the upper right corner click on "Connect Carrier Account"

Select UPS or FedEx and enter your existing account info and follow the directions to complete it.

After this step go back to the FabReturns app admin settings and finish changing to your preferred carrier.

Click on the "Change It" link noted below. 

Select the carrier you activated in Shippo and hit save. You're all set! Return labels will be generated with your preferred carrier on your existing account with your negotiated rates.

Contact us directly if you have any other questions!

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