How Do Store Credits Work?

Store credits are a great way to save sales by avoiding refunds and keeping your customer engaged with your brand.

This is also a great alternative for exchanges when the item a customer wants in exchange isn't a variant within the same product e.g. different color or size.

Simply put, during the returns process your customer will have the option to get store credits instead of a refund. They will receive an email containing a unique code by which they can access their store credits, redeem them in increments of their choice, and use them at checkout.

First, you'll need to enable the Store Credits feature in your fabreturns app admin and if you opt to use Gift Cards as your store credit method you will need to enable Gift Cards in your Shopify app admin.

Setting up Store Credits

  • In the Fabreturns app admin go to Settings > Return Settings > scroll down to "Choose Your Return Method"
  • Make sure the Store credits check box is checked
  • Decide when you want your customer's store credits to be activated for use
    • When the return label is GENERATED?
      • This means the store credits are activated immediately, before they've shipped the return back to you.
    • When the return label is SCANNED by the carrier?
      • This means the store credits won't be activated until the carrier has the return package in their possession. 

Next you'll need to decide which type of Store Credit you want to you.

If you choose "Store Credits via Gift Card" please note the following:

  1. If via Gift Card an email will be sent to you, the brand owner, with instructions to create a Gift Card and email it to your customer. The amount is determined by the customer when they select items for which they want Store Credit during the return process.
  2. If you select the Gift Card method no data will show up in Store Credits tracker of the Fabreturns app admin. You will need to track the Gift Cards in your Shopify admin to know what Store Credits are still open as Gift Cards. You will however see in the Return Details which products had a Store Credit generated as a Gift Card
  3. You can change the type of Store Credits you offer at any time and by doing this it will disable the previous method. If you switched from Discount Codes to Gift Cards you will still see the Store Credits history in the app admin. (See next section below)

NOTE: This section below is if you selected "Store Credits via Discount Code". 

You'll need to decide where you want your customer to access store credits. See examples below. 

  • In the Notification settings update the page URL to direct your customer to access their Store Credits when they receive the unique access code.
    • Note: Their access code will always be the same to access the Store Credits redemption page along with their store credits history.

  • You can see the breakout of store credit and/or refund amounts in the details view of the customer return. Review the "Return Value" section to see $8.70 in store credits and $8.70 in refunds due to the customer in this scenario.

  • In the Store Credits page of the app admin you can view the credits for each customer who has opted for this instead of a refund. From the example above you can see the same customer, their total store credits (across all store credits due to them) and you can click on details to see the history of each order and return store credits apply to.

What Your Customer Will See When Using Store Credits

Note: All Store Credits pages are optimized for mobile to enhance your customer's experience.

  • During the return process your customer will have the option to get store credit. In the example below a Store Credit and Refund have been selected. Your customer will also select to Keep items they don't want to return.

  • Upon completion of the return process they'll receive an email with a unique code

  • The Store Credits login page looks like this
    • Direct URL view

Direct URL Store Credits

    • Brand website page view

Brand Website Page URL

  • Once your customer is logged in they'll have visibility to their available store credits, history and can generate store credits in increments of their choice based on the total available.

Let us know if you have any questions and all the best to you!

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