Tagging Products for Charity and Adding Weights

Tagging products with the word "charity" is how you pick the items you'll allow to be donated instead of returned back to your warehouse.

Assigning an average weight to your products is very important to get an accurate shipping cost on your return labels. Remember, all product defaults to a weight of 13 ounces in the Fabreturns app if you have assigned a weight in Shopify. Make sure to put the correct weights in for all your products. You could pay a higher return shipping charge if the default weight is higher than the actual weight.

To tag products that will qualify for charity donation, from the home page of the app backend click on the "Start Tagging" link or click on the "Tag Products" button on the left hand nav.

From there your Shopify admin will open with all of your products ready to be tagged and weights added where necessary.

Assigning weights to your product in Shopify.

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