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General FAQ's

How do I use this app and all of the features?

A: This is really important! We've created a section by section FAQ that mirrors every settings option. Click this link: App Settings Overview

Also make sure you go through our getting started checklist! Getting Started Checklist

What does it cost to use this app and what are the features?

A: Easy, click here: Pricing & Benefits

Does Fabreturns allow returns to be sent to multiple locations?

A: Only one location can be used at a time for return shipments.

Does Fabreturns support exchanges?

A: Yes we support exchanges for variants within a product.

Do I have to offer Refunds, Store Credits and Exchanges?

A: Nope. You can use what best suits you. In the app admin settings uncheck any options you don't want to use.

B. With store credits you have the option to use a redeemable discount code method or Gift Cards.

Can I issue refunds directly from the Fabreturns app admin?

A: Currently, no. You will need to issue refunds directly from Shopify after your customer's return has been placed.

Does the Store Credits feature work for Shopify POS?

A: The store credit feature only works for online orders that have a return initiated against them or store credits manually created by you for any customer you like. Currently store credits are not supported for retail point of sale purchases.

How do Store Credits work?

A. Glad you asked.

Do I have to use Shippo or can I use Shipstation or another shipping software?

A: We only integrate with Shippo but that does not affect if you have Shipstation or other software for shipping your orders. Shippo works behind the scenes for your return labels only.

Why do I have to enter a credit card to use Shippo?

A: A credit card is required to purchase return shipping labels. Your data is secure with Shippo and never seen by fabreturns.

What carriers can I use for my returns?

A: The default is set to USPS when you connect to fabreturns but you can use FedEx or UPS as well. To change your carrier click this link: Changing Your Return Carrier

Can I process International returns?

A: Not currently but soon in 2021 For more info on this click this link: International Returns

Can I print return labels from Shopify?

A: All return labels are generated from Shippo when your customer initiates a return.

Can I return multiple items to charity?

A: Yes, as long as they are tagged in Shopify with "charity" and every item on the return is tagged. If one item is not tagged for charity all items will come back to your main returns location and not be donated. This is because you can't split a return shipment to multiple locations.

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