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The Refunds, Store Credits and Exchanges settings page allows you to do the following:

  1. Choose your refund method > Accepted return type: You can activate one, two or all of the three options; Full Refund, Store Credits and/or Item Exchange. Offer all or some of them to meet your business preferences.
      1. Note that in the left hand navigation you can access Store Credits and Exchanges to see the details for each customer that opted for one or both of these during the returns process.
      2. Here is a look at what your customer will see if you choose to utilize all three return methods + the option to "Keep It" if there are multiple items on their order and they only want to return some of them.
      3. Here is a look at the exchanges customer detail example in the app admin. For more detail on how exchanges work visit
      4. Here is a look at the store credits customer detail example in the app admin
  2. Store credits activation: This is where you determine when you want your customer's store credits to be activated; when the label is generated during the return process (this means before they send back their return) or when the return label is scanned by the carrier (this means your customer will get a store credit but they won't be able to access and use it until the return has been scanned by the carrier and is in transit back to you). Note: We recommend making the store credits available at return label generation then hold their new order placed with store credits until you receive a notification from our app their return is in transit back to you.
  3. Store credits iframe widget: This allows you to embed the store credits page directly into a page on your site. Just copy the code we've provided and paste it into a new page on your site using the "html" <> view in the content section.
    1. It will look like this (see below) on your website. If your customer opted to get store credits they'll receive an email with a unique code to access them. Every time in the future they opt for store credits they'll continue using the same code and see a running total of their redeemable credits.
  4. Store Credits URL: If you select this option you'll need to do the following:
    1. Create a navigation link in your header or footer called "Store Credits" and link it to the default URL we've displayed in the app settings. This will send your customer to our hosted page for store credits that will include your logo.

For a deeper dive into store credits check out this article:

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