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In this settings page you can create, edit or delete order tagging rules that will prevent people returning any products associated with an order in your Shopify store that has one of these tags. 

In the example above we have "Promo" and "Black Friday". 

To prevent products associated with these types of orders from being returned simply tag the orders with the terms you create in this setting. Your customer will receive a message when trying to return products from these orders instructing them to contact your customer service team for help and that these products are not returnable.

In Shopify you can filter orders based on dates or by selecting all, then add tags. For example if you wanted to make your Black Friday Sales orders non-returnable, filter by date to isolate them, then add the Black Friday Sales tag.

Tags can be removed at any time in the fabReturns app admin and when you do there is no need to update the orders in Shopify.

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